business directory

Below are businesses that Canoe Families and other visitors may find useful to their travels and their stay in the Nanaimo area. 

Businesses known to be on reserve will be listed with a designation.


Harewood Laundromat

University Village Mall

550 Fifth Street, Nanaimo

Crystal Clean Laundromat

2220 Bowen Road, Nanaimo

Terminal Laundromat

1050 Terminal Ave. North, Nanaimo


Shoppers Drug Mart - Pharmacy

University Village Mall

510 Fifth Street, Nanaimo

Outreach Pharmacy

55 Victoria Road, Nanaimo

Central Drugs - Dunsmuir Pharmacy

495 Dunsmuir St, Nanaimo

London Drugs

650 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo

Central Drugs - Campbell Pharmacy

346 Campbell St, Nanaimo

Grocery Stores

Country Grocer

82 Twelfth Street, Nanaimo

Quality Foods - Harewood

867 Bruce Ave

Buy Low Foods

100-530 Fifth Street

Thrifty Foods

650 Terminal Ave

Tuytaxun General Store (ON RESERVE)

1145 Totem Road

Medical Clinics/Hospital

Medical Arts Centre - Clinic

650 Terminal Ave, Nanaimo


Caledonian Clinic

340 Campbell St, Nanamo


Wallace Street Medical Clinic

1-100 Wallace St, Nanaimo


Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

1200 Dufferin Crescent, Nanaimo

Gas Stations

Coming Soon...

Snuneymuxw First Nation

Tribal Journeys 2020 is being hosted by the Snuneymuxw First Nation, a Coast Salish Nation located on Vancouver Island. 

Canoe family RESOURCES

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